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Lively Athletics

At Lively, we believe in an evidence-based fit process for your athletic shoes. We want you to run, walk, and work out injury-free, all season and for the rest of your life. No gimmicks, no junk science, just excellent customer service from an educated staff.

We also strive to carry apparel in every size available and, no matter what, we promise to treat you with respect and listen to your needs. If there is something you want that we are not currently providing, let us know! Our in-store tennis boutique came about sheerly due to customer demand. Ditto our kids' shop.

Along with shoes, activewear, and accessories for running, walking, tennis, yoga, barre, HIIT classes, and lifting, we offer clothes and items for everyday life, such as comfy denim, cozy flannels, cute sundresses, handmade bags, and a gorgeous assortment of artist-made jewelry.

109 N Oak Park Ave

Oak Park, IL 60301

Phone: (708) 358-0605